"Blonde Conversation In Paris" original figurative art

28" X 22" original oil painting on archival canvas panel, Blonde And Bald Conversation In Paris is an above-view, figurative painting from my award-winning figurativism series, Overview. It depicts an overhead view of a blonde woman and bald man, two Parisians talking on the sidewalk in St. Germain. The unique perspective of this portrait of these two people in Paris was captured from my balcony at the Hotel Lutetia. The style of this painting reflects a type of mark making that I have invented, a kind of "Pixelated Impressionism" where the expressive swashes of paint depict the motion of the person walking, by expressive rendering of pixels from the original digital video reference image. My work is also considered part of the Paintography movement. This particular artwork depicts motion with thick, impasto brush strokes, please see all of the detail photos of this figurative art, above. sold.

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