Blog Post Got Me On T.V. And In The Newspaper

I never expected that a self-authored post about my upcoming painting exhibit could garner such publicity! Both CNN Headline News: SoCal News and The Daily News newspaper found my post on the Valley News web site, independent from each other, and conducted further interviews with me about my newest painting series, Overviews.

I think that part of the reason that this post successfully got me the publicity that I was shooting for is that I chose a good title, "Encino Artists Paints People From Above" instead of "Warren Keating Has Solo Show At M.J. Higgins". Also, I just stated simply the truths about my work, telling the story of what happens "behind the scenes" when I create my art. I wasn't afraid to reveal "magician's secrets"
about my process. The whole time writing the story in words that the layman could understand.

A crew from TimeWarner cable's SoCal News, spent two hours here last week shooting a 2-minute segment. A couple of days later, I got a call from The Daily News about running a story on me this Sunday. While the gallery sent out most of the publicity to the art pubs and the L.A. Times, I sure am glad that I put that post up on the Valley News site.

Here is the article that ran in the Daily News:
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Warren Keating is an artist living in Los Angeles. For more information, go to

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