Inspired by this charming but unique aerial view of two boys walking at Santa Monica Pier while spending a day at the beach, I created this Impressionistic figure painting to capture this summer moment. Using my signature Pixel Impressionism brushstrokes to render the motion of these young pedestrians, I created textural tension between the moving people and wooden boardwalk. more info / purchase >

Aerial View of Bicyclists at Santa Monica Beach
This painting was inspired by my view from the Santa Monica Pier of the bicyclists below. I  am a painter who has based my popular overhead series on images from a digital video camera. The result brings together the perspective of the camera with the nuance control of light and color that can only happen with brush on canvas. My signature “Pixel Impressionism” brush strokes create the motion and details of the moving figures and communicate my passion for the subject. This figurative oil painting is create on a deep stretch canvas with finished edges; it is varnished to protect it from from dust, smoke and UV rays. It is wired on the back and ready to hang. more info | purchase >

Aerial View of Woman with Cornrow Braids

This painting was inspired by a view standing on a bench on the Santa Monica Pier on a summer afternoon. Expressively painted on a gallery wrapped canvas, this aerial portrait was created with my signature Pixel Impressionist style rending the motion of the figure with action-filled brushstrokes. more info>

Red Umbrella Moving in Paris Rain
Inspired by the magic found in the simple moment, my aerial portrait series was spawned by views from my hotel balcony in some of my favorite cities. My work reflects the pursuit of the next stage of evolution in contemporary figure painting. In “Red Umbrella Moving in Paris Rain”, the movement of an umbrella in the Paris rain as viewed from overhead, is rendered in my signature Pixel Impressionist brush strokes. At first glance, this painting is a realist depiction of a moving subject; upon close inspection, it is a very expressive, Impressionistic painting. My work can be categorized with works by Chuck Close and David Kapp. I hope you enjoy this urban portrait. more info >
Aerial View of Couple Walking on the Santa Monica Pier figure oil painting
Inspired by an engaging wide-angle perspective, sunset lighting on the pedestrians, and the textured backdrop of the Santa Monica Pier, I created this expressive figure painting in my unique Pixel Impressionist style, reminiscent of artists like Chuck Close and the Futurists. more info / purchase >

Hat and Red Jacket on Hollywood Boulevard #2, 2014

This piece is part of my series depicting people walking on Hollywood Boulevard. The figure is rendered in my signature Pixel Impressionist style. more info / purchase >
This aerial view of two friends walking on a beach path was inspired by my view perched on the Santa Monica Pier. To capture the motion of the subjects and immediacy of the moment, I painted the figures using my signature Pixel Impressionist style. This is my unique approach to contemporary figurative painting. more info / purchase >