Cyclic Wearing Helmet Riding in Santa Monica

This large painting of a cyclist was inspired by an aerial view from the Santa Monica pier looking down at the pedestrians and bicyclists below. I rendered the movement of the figure in my expressive, but precise Pixel Impressionist style. This work is the culmination of over 25 years of painting. more details >

Woman on Bicycle in Santa Monica, 2014 figure painting by Warren Keating

Woman On Bicycle In Santa Monica painting by Warren Keating

This painting was inspired by a view from the Santa Monica Pier looking at the cyclists and pedestrians on the bike path below. Expressively painted on a large gallery wrapped canvas, this aerial portrait was created with my signature Pixel Impressionist style rending the motion of the figure with... more info / buy now >

Shadow of a Man on St. Germain, 2014, large figure painting goal of my aerial portraits is to highlight seemingly insignificant moments and capture the imagination of the viewer. In this piece, a lone pedestrian casts a shadow as he travels through the streets of Paris. I created the motion of this figure using my signature Pixel Impressionist style. more details >

Orange Umbrella In Paris Number Eight

Inspired by a view from my balcony of Parisians walking in the rain below, I created this expressive figure painting. My signature Pixel Impressionism brush strokes render the motion of the umbrella and atmosphere of the rainy day. Using archival materials on deep stretch canvas, this contemporary figurative oil painting will last for generations. With display-ready finished white edges and wired on the back, this unique painting is ready to hang on your wall. more>

Red Cap And Cargo Shorts On Hollywood Boulevard

This Impressionist figure figure painting captures the viewer’s imagination even though we don’t see the face of this character whose motion is depicted with my signature Pixel Impressionism brush strokes combined with my unique aerial viewpoint. more>

Hollywood Hat And Shoes, 2014

original Pixel Impressionism figurative oil painting
This 24" x 18" original oil figure painting is part of a new series of works depicting aerial portraits of pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard. For more of my work, go to

Paris Tourists in Red with Camera and Guidebook

This small figure painting shows an aerial view of passers-by from my hotel in St. Germain in Paris.
I rendered the motion of this walking couple
with my signature Pixel Impressionist brushwork, to create a contemporary rendition of figurative painting. more >

Collectors scramble to buy figure paintings at AAF New York

 Most of my Impressionistic paintings of people walking as viewed from above sold by the second day of the four day Affordable Art Fair in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.
 The unique perspective, signature brushwork and dynamic palette of this new painting helped it to sell on the first day.